# ❓ FAQ

Common questions about Humans and their answers.

FAQ Sections

# FAQ — General

# What is Humans?

Humans is a next-generation blockchain platform that brings together an ecosystem of stakeholders around the use of AI to create at scale. It combines a library of AI tools into a creative studio suite where users will be able to pick and choose as they bring their ideas to life. Individuals are empowered to create and own their digital likenesses, which may be used by themselves and other to create any number of digital assets. Synthetic media, AI apps, and other digital assets utilize blockchain technology to generate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as a way of creating transparency, provenance, accountability, and long-term governance.

# How can I get involved?

# FAQ — HEART Token

# What is HEART token used for?

The security of the Humans blockchain relies on a set of validators to commit new blocks and participate in Tendermint BFT consensus by broadcasting votes that contain cryptographic signatures signed by each validator's private key. Validators stake $HEART, the protocol's native token used for gas, governance, and "mining". Users can delegate HEART to validators that record and verify transactions in exchange for rewards.

# Where can I buy HEART?

Currently, HEART is available as an ERC-20 token on various exchanges (opens new window). When mainnet will be launched, we will begin the swapping process from ERC-20 to mainnet tokens. For now, only testnet $HEART tokens are available via our Discord faucet (opens new window).

# What is the release schedule of HEART?

The token release schedule is described on the Tokenomics page.

# Where can I go to get other questions answered?

The best place to get questions answered quickly is the Humans Discord (opens new window). For suggestions, issues, and feature requests on specific applications, the team can also be reached out to on GitHub: github.com/humansdotai (opens new window).

# FAQ — Validators

# What is a validator?

Validators are responsible for committing new blocks and participating in consensus by broadcasting votes that contain cryptographic signatures signed by each validator's private key.

# What does it mean to stake or delegate?

Staking is the process of committing your HEART tokens to run a validator. At its core, staking is an essential process that ensures network decentralization. The Humans Zone is a public Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) blockchain, meaning that the weight of validators is determined by the amount of staking tokens (HEART) bonded as collateral.

These $HEART tokens can be self-delegated directly by the validator or delegated to the validator by other $HEART holders. Validators participate in consensus and commit new blocks to the chain. In exchange for their work, they receive revenue to support their services, often referred to as Staking Rewards.

# How can I become a validator?

There are instructions on how to set up various kinds of nodes in the validator docs. Reach out to the team on Discord (opens new window) if you need assistance.